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Plat map, Wyoming Co., IA 1857

Ancestor Research Iowa Services & Fees

Bonnie Samuel, Ancestor Research Iowa, provides the following RESEARCH SERVICES, in accordance with the ethical standards of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and the National Genealogical Society (NGS).

Initial consultation (free) about your research needs. Complete the request form below, describing your research goal and send it to us. We will get in touch with you, clarify details and the objectives of your search. We also ask that you detail the research you have already done related to your request as we don’t want to duplicate your work! 

All services are performed under contract. The contract outlines specifics of research objectives as per the client’s request and the number of research hours we consider necessary for your search request. Additional hours will be added only with written authorization by the client. 

Research performed as per contract. Upon completion of research, Ancestor Research Iowa will prepare a written report, to include  analysis and conclusions, and complete source citations; negative findings to be noted. Your final report will include copies of original records, transcripts, or abstracts of all supporting documents found in the research process.  Recommendations for further research may be included.

If your need is basic document retrieval, we will ask that you complete a specific search request, including your prior searches (so that we don’t duplicate). As in research above, you will receive a full report, including the best possible copy or transcription of the document requested, if found. 


Ancestor Research Iowa’s fee is $25.00 per hour, plus expenses. Expenses are billed at cost and include postage, photocopies, document and repository fees, and mileage beyond a 60 mile radius of Ames, Iowa. 

The number of research hours required for your research request depends on the scope and complexity of the project.

Once the contract is approved and signed, work will begin upon receipt of 50% of the estimated fee for the authorized contracted hours. Research work will not exceed contracted hours without consulting the client and receiving authorization in writing to continue. You will be notified when work is complete and provided an invoice of all costs incurred. Your genealogical research report (see above for report contents), will be sent to you upon receipt of final balance due. 

You are billed for the actual research performed, report preparation, and expenses incurred. We guarantee diligent and thorough research. However, research, in whole of part, may be unsuccessful in discovery of your stated goal. 

Payment may be made by personal check, or by credit card through Paypal. 

Please contact Ancestor Research Iowa with any questions at