Research Contract and Fees


Burial Henry Collipriest, 1844 St. Mary’s, Somerset, England

Ancestor Research Iowa
Fees and Research Process

Bonnie L Samuel, Ancestor Research Iowa, provides GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH SERVICES, in accordance with the ethical standards of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and the National Genealogical Society (NGS).

For details of specific research services and process, see page “Research Services.” 

All services are performed under contract. The contract outlines specifics of research objectives as per the client’s request and, the number of research hours consider necessary for your search request. Research work begins upon completion of the contract and receipt of 50% deposit of agreed hours/fee. Research work will not exceed contracted hours without client authorization in writing.
You will be notified when work is complete and provided an invoice of all costs incurred.
The client will receive a written report, to include analysis and conclusions, and complete source documentation; negative findings to be noted as well. Your final report will include copies of original records, transcripts, or abstracts of all supporting documents found in the research process.  Recommendations for further research may be included.

Ancestor Research Iowa’s fee is $25.00 per hour, plus expenses. Expenses are billed at cost and include postage, photocopies, document and repository fees, and mileage beyond a 60 mile radius of Ames, Iowa.
    Clients are billed for the actual research performed, the initial review and development of a research plan, report preparation, and expenses incurred. We guarantee diligent and thorough research. However, research, in whole of part, may be unsuccessful in discovery of your stated goal. Payment may be made by personal check, or by credit card through Paypal. 

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