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Gillan,Eva&siblings-smallA Free Consultation. Let’s talk!  Email me (see form below), complete the query form below, with a brief description of your research goal. I will contact you, preferably by phone, to discuss your Iowa ancestors and what you’d like to discover about them. Clarifying your objective is important to creating a research plan to meet your goal. 

The next step:  You are asked to submit copies of your research, documentation, family group sheets, etc.  To avoid charges for duplicate work, we ask that you provide all relevant data. I will then review your research documents related to the individual or family of interest. 

After careful review of your research, Bonnie will create a work plan based on your stated goal, which will describe the types of resources that will be consulted in the research process. The plan will also state the estimated hours for research and compiling a final report, which includes the review of submitted materials and development of the research plan. This plan and a contract will be sent to you for review.  I will answer any questions you may have regarding the plan and/or contract, of course. 

Research begins once we have received a signed contract and the retainer (50% of the estimated hours fee). All research, including negative results, will be logged and documented. Documents and any evidence collected in the research process will be part of the final report created for you. You’ll be given an estimated completion date and we may be in touch to clarify information or update you along the way. 

Complete the form below for a Free Consultation!

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