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Your ancestors lived in and were a part of a community and it’s history too! And it is likely, they left a trail!

Bonnie Samuel has been a genealogical researcher for over thirty years, discovering generations of her own family, but also researching and documenting the ancestors of others. She also teaches and facilitates classes on the genealogical research process and writing family stories.

While she has researched in many states, England and Canada too, Bonnie offers research services in her home state of Iowa, Kansas and Missouri too. Knowing from experience that the majority of the historical records sought by family researchers are not online, but instead may be found in the libraries, courthouses, state archives, historical or ethnic societies…where your ancestors once lived.

If traveling to Iowa for research is not an option, Ancestor Research Iowa can help! We are familiar with the abundant records here and know the state’s unique history too.

Here’s how we can help you:

Vital record retrieval: looking for a birth, marriage or death record?
State Census records: an incredibly valuable resource. Ancestor Research Iowa offers to find your kin in as many state census as possible and prepare a comparative report of the year-to-year findings.

Courthouse search: Land and property transactions, wills and probates, legal proceedings – the records are vast and informative. We do our best to secure copies or transcribe the documents for you.
Local library, genealogy society, or historical society: Records unique to the community can often be found at a local library, archive, or a genealogy society. 
Cemetery or funeral home records should never be overlooked! These records offer genealogical info about the deceased and family too.

If a trip to Iowa (or Kansas, Missouri), to find family related records and history is not in your plans, we can help!

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