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Your ancestors lived in and were a part of a community and it’s history too!

Many family researchers, at all levels of expertise, come up against “brick walls.” A  lack of knowledge of a particular locale, or its history may hinder your family research progress. Records in different cities and states may be unique to just that locale. Remember too, that the majority of genealogy related records are not available online, but more likely found in a local repository.

How we can help you:
Lineage research: looking for records about ancestors who lived in Iowa or surrounding states? Perhaps a vital record, deed or newspaper article? 

Local history: locales may have had traditions or customs unique to that area;  or businesses, institutions, national events may have had impact on the lives of your ancestors, leaving records to be searched.

Cemetery or funeral home records should never be overlooked! These records may give you information about the family, the deceased too, clarify relationships; who owned the burial lots or paid for the service; files may contain obits, possibly a photo.

Courthouse search: Land and property transactions, wills and probates, vital records, legal proceedings – the records are vast and informative. We can search for you!

Local library, genealogy society, historical society: Records unique to the community can often be found only at a local library or archive, or a genealogy society.  Such local resources may have newspapers, county histories, biographical files that you’ll find nowhere else.

Newspapers for small midwest towns rarely are to be found on the net, but possibly at the states archives or local library.

 Vital record retrieval – if you need a birth, marriage or death record, we can help!

State Census records – an incredibly valuable resource. Ancestor Research Iowa offers to find your kin in as many state census as possible and prepare a comparative report of the year-to-year findings.

If a trip to Iowa, or Kansas, Missouri or Illinois, to find family records and history is not in your plans, we can help! Send us a request for a FREE consultation about your research need. We’ll respond quickly to talk about your research needs. 

Like the Music Man said, “Yah Gotta Know the Territory!”

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