Genealogy Is…

Genealogy is …


Eva Gillan, 1885

Genealogy is field of scholarly research of a family’s line of descent from their ancestors. The genealogical research process includes proving and verifying relationships through historical sources, such as original birth, marriage and death records and other documentary evidence. The historical time, place and social context also tells the researcher a great deal about the family’s lives. 

Documentation is a critical part of genealogical research to prove relationships! Through every step, all findings are documented, noting the source-what is the document, where is it located and how does it relate to the question.

Genealogy professionals adhere to the “Genealogy Proof Standards.” 

GPS is the industry standard for the genealogical research process: 

1. Conduct a thorough, comprehensive search

2. Identify your findings with accurate citations

3. Compare and analyze all evidence and sources

4. Resolve conflicting evidence

5. Create a written report of findings, analysis and conclusion.

The GPS process is used by professionals and non-professionals alike to ensure the validity of family relationships.  

So, who are those people who came before, passed on their genes, characteristics, perhaps strengths and beliefs too? Did they fulfill their dreams? What values or interests did they pass on to their descendants in some way? 

Genealogy will help you find out!