Genealogy Is…

Genealogy is a study of a family’s history and culture…


Eva Gillan, 1885

Who are those people who came before, passed on their genes, characteristics, perhaps strengths and beliefs too? Did they fulfill their dreams? What values or interests did they pass on to their descendants in some way?

My own ancestor search began over thirty years ago. The genealogical research process not only led to the discovery of generations of my ancestors, but an understanding of their lives in the context of the times in which they lived.  Genealogy is a study of  your family’s history and culture and gives us a connection to the past through our family.

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Iowa Genealogy Research Services
We offer professional genealogy research in Iowa, helping clients find historical records related to their ancestors. Researchers at all levels of experience “brick walls” and need assistance in finding family records, which may be in another geographic location. See our Research Services page for details. Contact us for a free consultation about your research needs.

Ancestor Research Iowa Blog
is published at least monthly and features posts related to ancestor’s lives and the research process that made possible discoveries about life events, ancestor’s accomplishments, and the times in which those people lived.